May 30, 2014

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We are an aftermarket wheel and parts company located in Plano, Texas.  It started between two friends who noticed a bit of a problem in the car tuning scene.  It was extremely inconvenient to bounce from site to site, company to company, in order to get the special wheels/tires/accessories and parts people needed so we decided to do something about it. Like a good suit, a set of wheels needs to be tailored to every customer differently and we understand that, so we decided to make it possible to have customers come to us as a one-stop-shop of sorts. No matter if you need forged, 3 pieces, oem, lips, nuts, bolts we try and carry it, and if we don't, shoot us an email and let us know and we'll try our hardest to get it for you.

cctuned's new cafe racer


Here it is, in all its ugly glory.
Picked up a 1982 cm450 -- that was 2 weeks ago

We've since....

stripped tank
installed headlight ears
installed clip ons
removed sissy bar
removed rearpegs
stripped upper triple tree
put on header wrap
removed ugly gauge
Installed side mirror
installed new grips
removed misc shit, front blinkers/reflectors/etc
tightened up the seat, it was lookin loose and nasty
painting front fender and one side cover now. I need to find another battery cover as I only have the one for the left side.



Just bought a new rear taillight/license plate bracket. Ill need to chop up the rear fender to make all this work. Next up is a new seat -- God knows this thing needs it bad.  Stay tuned for more.

conrad grant
conrad grant