February 05, 2013

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We are an aftermarket wheel and parts company located in Plano, Texas.  It started between two friends who noticed a bit of a problem in the car tuning scene.  It was extremely inconvenient to bounce from site to site, company to company, in order to get the special wheels/tires/accessories and parts people needed so we decided to do something about it. Like a good suit, a set of wheels needs to be tailored to every customer differently and we understand that, so we decided to make it possible to have customers come to us as a one-stop-shop of sorts. No matter if you need forged, 3 pieces, oem, lips, nuts, bolts we try and carry it, and if we don't, shoot us an email and let us know and we'll try our hardest to get it for you.

Thanks man

Kyle's new shoes. Enkei RPF1 in SBC finish 18x10.5 +15. Thanks for the business!

conrad grant
conrad grant